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El Misti: Good News for Bikers, Climbers and Surfers

Posted by: Justina Poškevičiūtė on Hostel Trends. March 30, 2015 Although most players in the hostel industry are for-profit and care about their finances as much as any other businesses, we can choose to see it as an industry that in a way resembles a social institution. In doing so, the idea of social responsibility […]

Ilha de Paquetá

Paquetá Island is a small Paradise only 70 minutes away from Rio by boat. Boats leave everyday from the port at Praça XV, downtown. The ticket is very cheap. It’s ideal to spend a whole day of tranquillity without cars or any of those characteristics of the big cities. Paquetá is an island with the […]


While submerged in Rio’s madness, save a day to make a little escape to the farther beaches in Niteroi. To get to Itacoatiara, for example, there are several ways. But the ride takes not less than 2 hours; you get there by public transport though, which means it is very cheap and you’ll feel like […]

Dois Irmãos

Do you want to get to know a magnificent and exclusive view of our city? Come up the Dois Irmãos Hill with us! The excursion is conducted by expert guides from EL MISTI HOSTELS with absolute safety and tranquillity. On the way back, we’ll walk down through Vidigal. The whole ride takes about 3:30hs according […]

Joatinga, a deserted beach near the city

One of the best qualities of Rio de Janeiro is its diversity, noted even on the beaches. In the middle of the city or within a few kilometers, packed with people or completely deserted, the beaches of Rio are as marvellous as the city. Joatinga is the closest of the natural and idyllic beaches (the others […]

São Cristóvão Fair: a Carioca way to know the Northeast

The Centro Luiz Gonzaga de Tradições Nordestinas (Luiz Gonzaga Northeastern Traditions’ Center) is a great option to eat, drink, dance and know a little bit about Brazilian northeastern culture. The place is also called Feira de São Cristóvão (São Cristóvão Fair) or Feira dos Paraíbas (Paraíbas’ Fair), has about 700 tents and about 250 thousand […]


Gávea is a middle class neighborhood located in the south zone of Rio de Janeiro. The name is a reference to Pedra da Gávea (Gávea’s Stone, located in São Conrado neighborhood) of which shape is very similar to a ship’s topsail. But, this is not the only attraction of this noble neighborhood. Every Sunday at […]

Oscar Niemeyer’s Works

We can say Rio de Janeiro is a curvilinear city because it’s got the waves, women’s curves and also the curves of architect Oscar Niemeyer’s works. Born in December 15th, 1907 in Rio de Janeiro and graduated in Escola Nacional de Belas Artes (Fine Artes National School), Niemeyer is the author of projects in the […]