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Oscar Niemeyer’s Works

We can say Rio de Janeiro is a curvilinear city because it’s got the waves, women’s curves and also the curves of architect Oscar Niemeyer’s works.

Born in December 15th, 1907 in Rio de Janeiro and graduated in Escola Nacional de Belas Artes (Fine Artes National School), Niemeyer is the author of projects in the whole world and most of them are right here in the Marvellous City.

The Passarela Professor Darcy Ribeiro (Professor Darcy Ribeiro Catwalk) or Sambadrome is one of those works. It was founded in 1984 during Leonel Brizola’s government and it’s where the presentation of the Samba Schools take place every year. In 2016 will be the place for the final competition of the marathon and bow & arrow during the Olympic Games. The Sambadrome is located in Rua Marquês de Sapucaí and can be visited during the whole year, even when it’ss not Carnival. A good tip is to visit the Samba Museum during the day and the Samba Schools’ rehearsals during the night as from December.

The Museu de Arte Comtemporânea (Museum of Contemporary Art) of Niterói is another of his most interesting works because it looks like a chalice or a flyingdisc. It was constructed in 1996 on Mirante da Boa Viagem, it’s already one of the main post cards of Niterói. The visitors have a great view from there and access to a collection of contemporary art works. The museum’s exposition space is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00am to 06:00pm. The terrace is open from Monday to Sunday and the entrance is free. The museum is located in Mirante da Boa Viagem, s/n, Niterói.

Since the museum was concluded, the prefecture of Niteroi invited the architect to design other works in the city as: Praça JK (JK Square), Memorial Roberto Silveira (Roberto Silveira’s Memorial), Teatro Popular de Niterói (Niterói’s Popular Theatre), Estação Hidroviária de Charitas (Charitas Waterway Station) and Fundação Oscar Niemeyer (Oscar Niemeyer’s Fundation). Currently these works form the Caminho Niemeyer (Niemeyer’s Way), it starts downtown and ends at Boa Viagem neighborhood where the museum is located.

Making a tour into those places is a good idea. This way you’ll get to know some interesting sights of Rio de Janeiro as well as some works of this great representative of architecture worldwide.