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Ser Alzira de Aleluia NGO


Since 2003 the NGO SER Alzira de Aleluia, located in Morro do Vidigal, South Zone of the city of Rio de Janeiro, develops charity work for residents of this community through social and educational projects that focus on technical training, political and cultural life of their pupils.

Sports and Art

On the search for alternative spaces, important on the struggle against marginalization of kids and adolescents that are directly affected by urban violence, the SER Alzira de Aleluia NGO focuses its work on offering cultural, sportive and artistic activities. Ballet (teacher paid by El Misti and restored Ballet Classroom), street dance and soccer provide the community recreation and healthy activities.

Social Service

The social service (social worker paid through El Misti Hostels’ donations) of the institution is responsible for registering pupils on the courses offered by the NGO. It also corresponds to this department to direct them to the job market, apart from the legal attention to the community.

Want to help too?

Your donation makes the difference. Money donations can be deposit on the NGO’s bank account: Caixa Econômica Federal Agency 218/ Operation nº22 / Account nº 47-3.
You can also donate, once or monthly, the following items that are of interest to the NGO: • Clothes • Shoes • Toys • School material • Books • Non-perishable food. Don’t hesitate to get in contact: Elma Maria de Alleluia President of the NGO 2511-7622 9617-2838.